Friday, September 13, 2013

Vegetable Soup and Fruit Salad

Thank you so much for all of the donations for our vegetable soup and fruit salad.  The kids surprised me because so many really, really loved the vegetable soup.  They especially liked the juice!  I was proud of those students that tried something they weren't too sure about their veggies!! The fruit salad was very popular and they just wanted more and more of it!  We are enjoying our nutrition unit and we owe you a big thanks for that! 

What's up for next week?

Reading:  We will be reading Chapters 7-15 next week in Charlotte's Web.  We will be focusing on the following skills:  drawing conclusions and synonyms.  We will review main idea/details and fact/opinions.  The students are doing a good job remembering to bring their novels and novel packets back and forth to school!  They are also improving on writing their answers in complete sentences!  Thanks for helping them work hard, use good effort, and stay focused!

Health:  Nutrition will be our focus again this week.  We will be learning about the dairy group and proteins.  Look for a study guide and test coming home towards the end of the week!

Writing:  We have been learning about expository text. (writing that gives information)  Last week, students researched animals using books by author Steve Jenkins.  This upcoming week, we will be researching and writing about spiders--all in honor of Charlotte!  We will also be learning how to use quotation marks correctly. 

Math 2:  We sailed right along until we got to subtracting two to three digit numbers!  Students learned the counting up method and the trade first method for subtraction.  While students need to learn this, this skill will not be tested for a grade on the Unit 2 test.  We plan on reviewing these skills and the rest of unit 2 for a test on Thursday. Please watch for a study guide on Wednesday evening.  Remember that your child will receive 5 bonus points for reviewing the study guide and Test Alert with you and a parent signing and returning this form!   Keep working on at home!!

Math 3:  Unit 3 is all about MULTIPLICATION FACTS!! Students will be cutting out triangle flashcards for multiplication and will take their first multiplication time test--on Tuesday!  This will be a practice test and it will come home that day for you to check over and see how this process works!  The students will take a pretend trip to Africa on Friday as they take complete another leg of their World Tour Project in math!  Ask your child what country he/she has already visited!  Keep working on at home!!  We have two students that just passed their subtraction facts in xtra math!

Charlotte's Web Play

The students don't know this little tidbit of information yet but I wanted you to get this date on your calendar.  We will be performing a Charlotte's Web play on Friday, October 4th at 2:45 in the White Lick cafeteria.  Soon, we will be drawing names for parts, practicing, and creating the set background.  Mrs. Kirkeiner has graciously volunteered to help the students learn the song, "Some Pig".  The kids will be super excited.  If any parents are interested in helping with the set, costumes, or background, please email me!  I'd love, love, love any extra help!  By the way, the students will find out about the play on Monday, but feel free to tell them if would like!

Our week looks pretty quiet for next week--just learning, learning, learning! We will be so excited to see how much was raised for White Lick at the Step-a-Thon Celebration convocation on Friday, September 20th at 3:00.  Did you know that our White Lick PSG is awesome?  They are so supportive of our school!!  Hope you can find a way to help out this great organization over the year!!

Have a great week!
~Mrs. Mitchell

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