Book Reviews by the 2/3 Class


Written by: Jim Murphy

Do you want snow? I’ll give you snow! HEAPS of it! BLIZZARD is about how two different storms full of snow, hall, and rain plus a storm full of wind all head for New York. Find out how dangerous The Blizzard of 1888 was. Will New York survive these four terrible days? Will the weather get better or worse? Find out in The BLIZZARD of 1888!                                                          

By: Amelia
My Side of the Mountain
By: Jean Craighead George
My Side of the Mountain is the best survival book (if you want to live in the forest). There is a boy named Sam, a baron weasel, a falcon named Frightful, and a raccoon named Jessie Coon James on a survival adventure through the Catskills. If you want to hear about a mountain, a meadow, a gorge, a beech, a house site, and a house made in a tree, you should read this book!
By Lucas
 Night of the Twisters
By: Ivy Ruckman
Night of the Twisters is a fascinating survival book. It has adventure. It starts out with Dan (the main character) and Arthur (the other main character) were playing and bad weather comes. A twister! Dan’s mother races off to see if Mrs. Smiley is ok. They couldn’t find Dan’s mother after the twister. Dan’s little brother Ryan went with Dan’s mother so Dan and Arthur were alone. They go to see if they could find they’re family. But they found Stacy (Arthur’s older sister). They went to the bus but nobody could get on because it was full.
Instead of the bus they went with a police officer named Kelly.
Will they survive and ever find their families? Read Night of the twisters to find out.
By Piper


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