Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23rd News

Thank you to those parents who were able to make it to Open House on Tuesday evening. Folders were sent home with students for parents who were not able to attend so if you haven't seen these, please check with your child!

Here's an update on what we will be covering in our classroom next week!

Reading:  Our story is Supermarket.  The tested vocabulary and the skills for this story can be found by clicking the link below.

Remember the students take a weekly test over the story on Fridays.  You can log into the Reading Street account and view his/her progress.  Just click Reading Street button on the front page of my blog and it will take you to the login.  From there, use your child's Reading Street password which can be found on the Password Page I gave you at Open House.

Spelling:  The students have done an excellent job with their spelling words.  Thanks for the hard work studying these words at home.  The 2/3 classes have created their own account on  Your child can log into this account and click on the words for August 26th.  There are lots of fun games for your child to use to practice his/her spelling words.  I will send you the login information is an email. 

Health:  We are having so much fun learning about the amazing human body.  Next week will be our last week and then we'll be moving on to nutrition.  Watch for a Human Body Study Guide coming home towards the end of next week!

Math 2:  Students will have their first test on Tuesday.  A study guide for Unit 1 will come home along with a test alert.  Please review the study guide material with your child and then sign and return the test alert.  On Wednesday, we will move on to Unit 2 which is on addition and subtraction of whole numbers!  Be sure to encourage your child to work hard on xtra math!  Knowing those facts will sure help them with Unit 2 material.

Math 3:  Students will move on to Unit 2 next week which is about Using Numbers and Organizing Data.  Our 3rd graders will get to start their World Tour which is an activity that incorporates social studies and language arts into math.

Writing:  We are almost done introducing and reviewing the six traits--voice, organization, ideas, conventions, excellent word choice, and sentence fluency.  Next, our second graders will work on writing one paragraphs and our third graders will work on writing multi-paragraphs.  In addition, we have been learning about types of sentences--declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences!

The students have been hard workers and we have had excellent behavior!!  We will be looking forward to the three day weekend that is coming soon!

~Mrs. Mitchell

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