Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week of February 10th

We are excited about our Valentine's Party on Friday!  Thanks to Mrs. Estes for being our "Room Mom" and all of the other parents who have donated time, goodies, and money!!

Third Graders have English/Language Arts Acuity from 1-2 on Tuesday, February 11th. 

Reading:  We return to the basal this week to start a unit about different cultures.  Our first story is Suki's Kimono.  Remember the reading book and vocabulary bookmark will come home on Monday night!  We will be working on comparing/contrasting and synonyms for this week. We will also be reading Olympic books as well!

Spelling:  CV/VC syllable pattern  (create=cre/ate)

English:  Students will learn about articles and adjectives this week.  In writing, we will be focusing on writing good beginnings and endings.  The students will be writing an essay for the Indianapolis Zoo.  The  topic will be,"The name orangutan means "person of the forest" in the Malay language of Indonesia.  Do you think this name is appropriate for the animal?  Why or why note?"  We will be reading some books on orangutans in preparation for this essay.

Math 2:   We are going to work one more day on using parentheses in equations which will wrap up Unit 7.  There will be a review on Tuesday and Test on Wednesday so watch for the Test Alert.  Unit 8 focuses on fractions and starts on Thursday.  I am so proud of the students who have passed their addition and subtraction xtra math quizzes!  We have several second graders already working on multiplication.  Please be sure your child is taking time to do his/her xtramath each night!!

Math 3:  We will be wrapping up Unit 7 on Wednesday.  The Unit 7 review will be Thursday and the test will be Friday. 

Science:  We are enjoying learning about weather although we would like to get outside more to use some of our weather instruments we have created.  This week we will learn about climates, shadows, rotation of the earth, clouds, and do a group project on Friday. Students will work in groups to create a safety presentation on one of the following topics:  tornados, extreme heat, thunderstorms, and winter/extreme cold. 

We will be keeping a close eye on the Olympics too and learning as much as possible about the them! 

Thank you for the snacks!  We are stocked up for now!

Please don't forget about the Boxtop contest and the Reuse-A-Shoe contest!

~Mrs. Mitchell

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