Monday, December 16, 2013

Week of December 16th

It's so hard to believe this is the last week of school before Christmas!  We are having fun with special dress days this week.  Please see the image below! 

Our schedule is fairly quiet this week.  On Thursday, we will have Semester Celebration.  On Friday, students will enjoy a White Lick Sing-a-long from 2:45-3:15. 

Here's what's happening in the 2/3 class this week:

Reading:  We will finish Where the Red Fern Grows on Friday.  As we finish the book, we are also reviewing many skills that we have learned over the first semester! 

Writing:  Students are busy wrapping up their how-to writing pieces and finishing up a special surprise!

Social Studies:  This is our last week for economics.  Today, we created Play-Doh hamburgers.  One group created hamburgers on their own and the other group got to be in an assembly line.  I'm sure you can guess that the students in the assembly line created more hamburgers, but we all had a lot of fun in the process!! We will learn about Supply and Demand, Market Price, and Cost and Profits this week.  Students will have an assessment on Friday.  A study guide of vocabulary will come home tomorrow in order to help your child prepare for the test.  Students can bring the vocabulary sheet back to school on Friday to use while taking the test.

Math 2:  Our topics for this week are:  angles & turns, triangles, quadrangles, and polygons.

Math 3:  Our topics for this week are:  expressing & interpreting remainders, rotations & angles, and using a full-circle protractor. 

Thank you to those parents that donated snacks.  We were able to fill up our snack shelf thanks to you!  We should be good until later in January!!  Have a great week!!

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